2nd International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala

The Kerala State Chalachithra Academy’s 2nd International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala focused on issues such as the Environment, the growing participation of women filmmakers and the role of the Films Division in the popularisation of documentary filmmaking in India. The festival was held in Kerala between 19th – 25th June, 2009 at the Kairali and Sree Theatres in Thiruvananthapuram.

Though the Competition Section was confined to Indian films, the festival also featured short fiction films from Hungary and Mexico. There was an ocean of short films and documentaries from India and abroad with over 200 films covering a wide range of issues relating to gender, ecology, violence, freedom, minorities, caste discrimination and much more.

Films by Under Construction filmmakers such as Rajula Shah, Arghya Basu, R. V. Ramani, Yasmine Kabir, Kesang Tseten, Meena Nanji and Farjad Nabi were a part of the screenings. The festival also saw a retrospective of films by Supriyo Sen, whose films are also distributed by Under Construction.  ‘Bilal’ by Sourav Sarangi won the award for the best long documentary film, among many other awards that were given by the festival.

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