2nd Swaraj Film Festival

The three-day 2nd Swaraj Film Festival was held at Allahabad between 19–21 February, 2009. Aimed mainly to engage with college students and teachers, the Film Festival was an attempt to create awareness about social and environmental issues and to inspire people to adopt other alternatives.

The film screenings were held at  seven different colleges across. Under Construction had seven films that were screened at the various Colleges. ‘Development At Gun Point’ directed by Pramod Gupta based on the Nandigram Movement, ‘New Improved Delhi’ directed by Vani Subramanyam, ‘Taza Khabar’ a short film based on the life of uneducated  women running a newspaper in Bundelkhand by Bishakha Dutta, ‘Black Pamphlets’ an exposé of the money and muscle behind student elections at the University of Delhi by Nitin Pamnani,  a few days on the road with ‘Manjuben Truckdriver’ by Sherna Dastur, ‘Patents or Patients?’ a story about Cipla’s Yusuf Hamied as the Robin Hood of the pharmaceutical industry by Joost De Haas and ‘Mahua Memoirs’ directed by Vinod Raja emphasizing the tribal’s struggle against mining, all evoked a good response.

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