A Healer is Born


English (subtitled), 34 min, 1997

A group of women in a drought-prone area near Pune start to do a simple thing – learn about their bodies and their health and lead better lives.  Why should this bring them up against all sorts of opposition?

The film follows a group of women involved in a self help program called Sadaphuli, which was begun by health activists in Pune. The women grow from having no prior understanding of the political economy of health to knowledge of their bodies and rights.

Their horizons widen beyond mere diagnosis and treatment of diseases, to a sisterhood with other women in the village and an inevitable questioning of those who would rather they stay weak – and oppressed.

Producer: Magic Lantern Foundation / Direction: Gargi Sen / Camera: Sabeena Gadihoke / Editing: Ranjan De, Vivek Thakur / Sound: Indu M.G

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