A Journey Together


Ek Saath, Ek Rah

Hindi, English (subtitled), 70 min, 1998

Action India is a group  working in the resettlement colonies of Delhi since 1975. In  the two decades it has seen numerous upheavals, both  political and social, that have continuously posed  challenges in their struggle to build a just society. Some  of these challenges Action India confronted, while many have  changed forms and taken overwhelming dimensions.

The film presents Action  India’s history, experience and perspective on a few issues  that are central to this struggle.  The film also  weaves together the personal stories of four women who have  been with Action India for most of the time, their  experiences, collective efforts, inner struggles, failures  and successes.

A Journey Together  received the Second Prize for the “Over 40 Minutes” category  at the New Delhi Video Festival, 1999.

Producer: Action India / Director: Gargi Sen & Ranjan De / Camera: Ranjan De  / Additional Camera: Somnath Sen, Anirban Bhattacharya / Sound Recordist: C. L Bharati / Library Research: Dr. Shila Sen, Indu M. G. / Narration: Sheba Chhachhi / Songs: Bharati. Kalyani, Prem, Rakhi, Shanta

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