Ballad of Builders


Takhleeq ka Tarana

English/Hindi/Tamil, 60 min, 1993

From Mohenjodaro to modern India, construction continues to be the common foundation of growth and development. Yet, the construction workers, over 20 million in number, continue to eke out a miserable living where even the basic necessities for dignified living are denied to them. In 1985, a unique process was begun by various organisations of construction workers: the drafting of a comprehensive legislation on construction work. Workers from all over India, with help from legal experts, participated in the drafting of a Bill that could ensure social justice to construction workers. But the Bill was never passed. The film looks at the condition of the construction worker vis-á-vis the construction industry, builders’ organisations and the government, and attempts to present the logic for the Bill and why it was never implemented.

Producer: Magic Lantern Foundation / Direction: Gargi Sen / Camera: Ranjan De, Gautam Bose, Mani Maran / Editing: Ranjan De / Sound: Partho, Vipul, Sonali, Garg

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