@Culture Network and the Moving People project

@ Culture, a network of Majlis, Magic Lantern Foundation, Point of View and independent artists from India, is an off-shoot of WSF 2004 which was held in India. While the earlier editions witnessed the South American political finesse and robust energy, the Indian edition brought a distinct change in the texture of the forum. The change was in the realm of layered multiplicity and an innovative process/structure to accommodate myriad forms of representation. This is the first time Culture as a voice of protest and political discourse was fore grounded at par with theories and action within the scheme. 3000 artists participated from all over the world, art works became major source of political mobilizations and the gap between art practices and political activism was narrowed dramatically. And while working towards facilitating this process the @culture group got consolidated.

In the 2005 edition of Porte Alegre, we curated Art shows: Hunger@Globalisation; Crossovers & Rewrites: Borders Across Asia along with Conference on Challenges to Political Art Practices and film festival Other Worlds Are Breathing. Responding to the current opportunity now we wish to curve out a niche space for Africa-Asia interface.

The cusp of post colonial and neo-colonial phases in countries of Africa and Asia resulting in more and more people ‘moving’. Their identities and notions of Self travel through the route map and change at every junction. This project is a minor attempt to document few such junctions and intervene through active collaborations.

Collaborators in the Moving People project

Centre for Creative Arts, a multidisciplinary intercultural arts organisation
cca@ukzn.ac.za | www.cca.ukzn.ac.za

Focus on the Global South, a Program of Development Policy Research and Practice
focusind@vsnl.net, admin@focusweb.org | www.focusweb.org

The GoDown Arts Centre, a multidisciplinary arts centre in Nairobi, Kenya, providing sudsidized work spaces for artists and creative programmes for the public
info@thegodownartscentre.com | www.thegodownartscentre.com

Kwani Trust, a literary group; publishers of Kwani? , the Kwani literary journal.
info@kwani.org | www.kwani.org

@ Culture contacts

@Culture website under construction.
Majlis: majlis@vsnl.com | www.majlisbombay.org
Magic Lantern Foundation: magiclanternfoundation@gmail.com | www.magiclanternfoundation.org
Point of View: pointofview@vsnl.com | www.pointofview.org

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