I. A. Modi


Hindi and English (subtitled), 26 min, 1994

Indravadan Ambalal Modi is the co-owner of one of India’s leading pharmaceutical  companies, Cadila Industries with a turn over of over Rs 400 crores. But this was not achieved overnight. Born in a poor  family, he struggled hard for his education. In the 50s he  started Cadila with nationalistic fervour, determination to  work hard and a negligible capital.Today, Mr. Modi is also a  leader amongst those who are resisting the imposition of  World Bank and IMF led economic reforms. The film is an  intimate interaction with Mr. Modi about his past, present  and his philosophy of life.

Producer: BiTV / Research, Script & Direction: Gargi Sen / Camera & Editing: Ranjan De / Music: Somnath Banerjee

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