In Their Own Voices


English (subtitled), 32 min, 2005

Vimla and Meena are women from two regions of the country, Vimla from Haryana and Meena from Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Both are from marginalised communities and doubly marginalised for being women. Yet, in their own ways they have disregarded all discrimination and obstacles and established themsleves as leaders of their communities. In this film, Vimla and Meena talk about their lives, their transformation from the ordinary to torch bearers, their views on the situation around them, and their dreams for the future.

Producer: Indo-Global Social Service Society, Northern Regional Office (IGSSS-NRO) / Assistant Director: Khadeeja Arif, Camera: Kashif Siddiqui, Editing: Khadeeja Arif, Consultant Editor: Sameera Jain, Guidance & Supervision: Gargi Sen, Ranjan De

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