Innathe Perunthachan


Today’s Perunthachan

Malayalam, 26 min, 1994

This film shows the  present marginalisation of wood craftsmen of Kerala, who were once highly respected and skilled artisans in the  society. Not only did they build temples and palaces in the  past, they also possessed the traditional knowledge of the  sciences of architecture, namely Tatchashastra and Vastushastra. With the passage of time,  as materials for buildings changed and wood became scarce,  these craftsmen had to shift over to making small artifacts. Most discontinued the profession completely. The film tries to analyse  the genesis of this problem and explores the possibility of  assimilating the traditional skills in the new schools of  architecture, such as that of Laurie Baker.

Producer: Magic Lantern Foundation / Script & Direction: Gargi Sen / Camera & Editing: Ranjan De

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