Meetho Pal


Hindi (subtitled in English), 75 min, 2010

Meetho Pal is a portrait of Anuradha Saigal, a third generation descendent of a Nepalese family that established base in India more than 300 years ago. As a young girl in British India, she travelled widely, initially for her education and later for her work with the Indian National Congress. The film chronicles her journey from spirited youth to devoted family life as India transitioned from colonialism to independence.

Having always harboured the desire to remain tied to her roots, she resides today at Parvati Lodge in Shimla, her ancestral house which she inherited after 35 years of arduous legal battles.

No matter the cards life dealt, Mrs. Saigal dedicated herself to caring and providing for her family, both immediate and extended. Today, she is deeply loved and cherished as a beacon of positivity and tenacity.

Producer: Magic Lantern Foundation / Director: Tulika, Prerna Gupta / Camera: Aroop Rayu / Editing: Prerna Gupta

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