Of Hosts and Hostages


English (subtitled), 82 min, 1998

Goa, a tiny state on the western coast of India, blessed with abundant sun, sea and sand, is well known as a tourism haven. Since independence in 1961, tourism in Goa has grown massively. The film investigates the impact of large-scale tourism on the hosts: on their ecology, economy and culture. It engages with different kinds of tourists and the consequences of their visit. Further on, the film investigates specific incidents and cases of violations. To understand the specific class interests of those who are interested in taking tourism in a certain direction, the film also presents the rationale of the Government and big promoters. Finally, the film presents protest by citizens of Goa, its history and perspective.

Producer: Magic Lantern Foundation / Direction: Gargi Sen / Camera: Ranjan De / Editing: Ranjan De, Vivek Thakur / Music: Gautam Ghosh, Sound Syndicate

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