Persistence Resistance 2009: Installations

PR09PosterA Festival of Contemporary Political Films

Organised by
Magic Lantern Foundation & India International Centre

April 17, 18 and 19, 2009
Entry Free

Venue: India International Centre, 40 Max Mueller Marg, Lodhi Estate,
New Delhi 110003

Films on Installation

19:00:00 onwards


Director: R. V. Ramani
25 min, 1991, INDIA

A man sings in the local train, in Bombay. Men and women dance celebrating the Holi festival in the village Salona, in Maharashtra. Ganesh festival celebrations reach its peak on the streets of Bombay. The film is an exploratory journey seeking one’s own rhythm, through the magnetic flux of rural and urban rhythms.

BrahmaBrahma Vishnu Shiva

Diretor: R. V. Ramani
20 min, 1999, INDIA

The filmmaker persuades his Japanese sculptor friend, Toshikazu Kanai, to work with sand as the medium, near the waterfront on a beach. The waves lash. Children jump around. Fish gets caught. A balloon girl passes. A film happens, revealing the process of creation, sustenance and destruction, all happening at the same time.


Director: Shyamal Karmakar & Sanghamitra Karmakar
9 min, 2007, INDIA

Space you are comfortable with, is taken away by machine_ urban design erases human spots by human aberration. Concrete and iron structures movable and immovable, human beings movable and immovable. Though there will always be a bridge …

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