arunArun Khopkar

Arun Khopkar obtained his Diploma in Film Direction from FTII in 1974. He has directed two feature and several non-feature films. His films on arts and artists have won over fifteen national and international awards. He was awarded the Golden Lotus, the highest National Award three times for his short films. His book on the film director Guru Dutt won the National Award for the best book on cinema. He is a film scholar and has contributed papers on film aesthetics to international journals. He is an internationally recognized authority on Eisenstein. He has taught film theory and practice at various institutions like Moscow School for Advanced Cinematography, Jawaharlal Nehru University, FTII, National School of Drama, etc. He was a Homi Bhabha Fellow. He is widely travelled and knows French, German, Russian, Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, English, Sanskrit and has diplomas in Italian and Japanese.

deepaDeepa Dhanraj

Deepa Dhanraj is an award winning filmmaker who has been actively involved in the women’s movement since 1980. Over the years, she has participated in workshops, seminars and discussion groups on various issues related to women’s status – political participation, health and education. Deepa has an extensive filmography spanning nearly three decades that include many series of films on education and health as well as award wining documentaries. ‘Enough of this Silence’ (2008), ‘The Advocate’ (2007), ‘Nari Adalat’ (2000), ‘Itta Hejje Mundakka Thegiya Bediri Hindakka’, a series of 12 films for elected women in Gram Panchayats (1995), ‘The Legacy of Malthus’ (1994), ‘Something like a War’ (1991), ‘Kya Hua Iss Shehar Ko’ (1986) and ‘Sudesha’ (1983), are a few of her films. Her films have travelled to numerous film festivals world wide.

johnwyverJohn Wyver

John Wyver is a writer and producer with Illuminations and Senior Research Fellow in the School of Media, Arts and Design at the University of Westminster. He has produced and directed numerous films about the visual arts over the past thirty years, including documentaries with Anish Kapoor, Anthony Gormley, Joseph Beuys and Cindy Sherman. He has also recently produced television films of ‘Hamlet’ (2009) and ‘Macbeth’ (2010). His books include ‘Vision On: Film, Television and the Arts in Britain’ (2007) and he is currently Principal Investigator on the three-year AHRC-funded research project Screen Plays: Theatre Plays on British Television.

marg-mcleanMairead McClean

Mairead McClean produces films and art installations around the themes of memory and identity. Her film, ‘For the Record’ was premiered at The 9th Belfast Film Festival in April 2009. Her installation ‘bell(a)exchange’ a solo show made for the Void Gallery, Derry, in 2007 was subsequently selected for an award by Hou Hanru, Director of Exhibitions, San Francisco Art Institute at Ev+a 2008, Limerick City Art Gallery, and chosen by Lizzie Carey Thomas, Curator at Tate Britain, for The Claremorris Open 2008, Ireland. Other works have been included in ‘Late at The Tate’, Tate Britain, 2006 and presented at galleries in Tokyo, USA, Canada and Europe. Her film ‘State of Mind remix #4’ (2005) was presented in the UK’s first film-poem DVD Anthology published by The Film-Poetry Society. Her award winning 35mm short film ‘Way Past’ was screened at International film festivals and artwork recently published in Filmwaves Magazine, UK.

maoMao Mollona

Mao Mollona is a senior lecturer in the anthropology department at Goldsmiths. He has directed Steel Lives (2000) and is currently working on a collaborative film project with steel workers in Brazil. He is the author of ‘Made in Sheffield: an Ethnography of Industrial Life and Politics’ (Berghahn 2009) and of ‘The Anthropology of Work: a Reader’ (Berg 2010) with Johnny Parry and Geert De Neve.


mdickinsonMargaret Dickinson

Margaret Dickinson is an independent film producer/director who also writes on film and politics and is       currently working on a documentary about construction workers. Her films include productions for the Arts Council, the BFI, Channel 4 and the ILO.  Her 1970 documentary, ‘Behind the Lines’, about Mozambique’s independence struggle, was recently restored for screening in Mozambique and Europe. Margaret has taught film in Mozambique and UK and co-ordinated an experiment in media access training in Chhattisgarh State, India. She is the editor of ‘Rogue Reels – Oppositional Film in Britain 1945 -1990’, 1999 (BFI Publishing) and co-author (with Sarah Street) of ‘Cinema and State’.

rahulRahul Roy

Rahul Roy completed his masters in Film and TV production from the Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi in 1987 and since then has been working as an independent documentary film maker. His work has focused on communalism, labour and masculinities. His films have been widely screened internationally and won several awards. Besides film making, he has been researching and writing on masculinities. His graphic book on masculinities titled ‘A Little Book on Men’, was recently published by Yoda Press.

rajulaRajula Shah

Rajula Shah, born in 1974, has a Diploma in Film Direction from Film & Television Institute of India. She is an independent filmmaker based in Pune. Her films include ‘Sabad Nirantar’ (2007) and ‘Beyond The Wheel’ (2005). Rajula also publishes poetry and short stories in various journals. Her poetry collection ‘Parchhain ki Khidki Se’ was awarded the Navlekhan Puraskar by Bharatiya Jyanpeeth in 2004. She also translates literary work and writes on cinema.

sabaSaba Dewan

Saba Dewan is a documentary filmmaker based in New Delhi, India. Her work has focussed on communalism, gender, sexuality and culture. Her notable films include ‘Dharmayuddha’ (Holy War, 1989), ‘Nasoor’ (Festering Wound, 1991), ‘Khel’ (The Play, 1994), ‘Barf’ (Snow, 1997) and ‘Sita’s family’ (2001) and have been screened extensively in India and at international film festivals. For the past few years she has been working on a trilogy of films focussing on stigmatised women performers. ‘Delhi-Mumbai-Delhi’ (2006) on the lives of bar dancers was the first film of the trilogy; the second being ‘Naach’ (The Dance, 2008) that explores the lives of women who dance in rural fairs. Both the films have been screened widely and have generated critical acclaim. The third and final film of the trilogy is ‘The Other Song’ (2009) about the art and lifestyle of the tawaifs or the courtesans.

simon_newSimon Chambers

Simon Chambers was a Youth Worker in London for 14 years helping disadvantaged teenagers. In 2004 he completed his training at the National Film and Television School in London where he won the Royal Television Society award for best European Student Documentary. In 2006 his first feature creative documentary ‘Every Good Marriage Begins With Tears’ was shown on BBC, and showed on TV in around 30 countries, winning several prizes at festivals. In 2009 he completed another feature length creative documentary ‘Cowboys in India’ which has also won several prizes and has shown on TV in UK, USA and India. He teaches part time at the National Film and Television School in the UK.

yasmineYasmine Kabir

Yasmine Kabir is an independent filmmaker based in Bangladesh. Her films have been seen widely all over the world and have received many awards and acclaim. Her filmography includes: ‘Death Chant’ (1992), ‘A day at the Embassy’ (1996), ‘For Solaiman’ (1997), ‘A Mother’s Lament’ (Duhshomoy, 1999), ‘My Migrant Soul’ (Porobashi Mon Amar, 2000), ‘A Certain Liberation’ (Shadhinota, 2003) and ‘The Last Rites’ (2008).

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