Schedule: Main Theatre

pr2009 logo-w-shadowA Festival of Contemporary Political Films


Organised by Film & Television Institute of India
and Magic Lantern Foundation

Dates: 15, 16 & 17 September 2009
Venue: FTII, Law College Road, Pune 411001

Schedule: Main Theatre

15 September 2009: Tuesday

TimeFilm & ProgrammeDirectorCountryDurationFilm Synopsis
10:00 to 10:15Intro and welcome15
10:15 to 11:45Colours BlackMamta MurthyIndia31How to break the silence around sexual abuse in families? How to make sense of the fragmented memories of a jagged childhood?
A Certain LiberationYasmine KabirBangladesh3830 years ago, during the Liberation War for Bangladesh, Gurudasi Mondol had lost her entire family. Her indomitable presence as a feared and loved crazy woman today, asks many questions: what is the meaning of Liberation? Has madness chosen her, or has she chosen madness?
SetuShyamal KarmakarIndia9Encroachment of one's space
Cosmopolis: Two Tales of a CityParomita VohraIndia13Two short tales wonder about the idea of Bombay as a great cosmopolis, while examining its divisions of class, language and food.
12:00 to 13:45Video GamesVipin Vijay30The past and present of both humanity and technology are explored in this witty short film
Manjuben TruckdriverSherna DasturIndia51Manjuben, truckdriver. A woman who has broken the stereotypes that are part of her social landscape, constructing an identity of a macho trucker. But is she a crusader? Does she want to be?
Gender TroubleRoz MortimerUK24Four inter-sex women speak about their lives.
14:15 to 18:00Every Good Marriage Begins With TearsSimon ChambersUK62Two feisty and rebellious London Bangladeshi sisters go 'back home' against their will for arranged marriages.
Many People Many DesiresT. JayasreeIndia45Talking about the legal status and personal experiences of sexual minorities in India.
Where's Sandra?Paromita VohraIndia18Is she naughty? Is she nice? Looking for Sandra from Bandra.
I'm the Very BeautifulShyamal KarmakarIndia65A singer in a bar, a man with a camera, their complicated yet simple relationship.
Morality TV & Loving JehadParomita VohraIndia30The film seeks to understand the impact of the language of 'exposes' and breaking news, the language of desire and surveillance in the backdrop of Operation Majnu where police officers attacked about 30 couples sitting in a Meerut park for 'moral turpitude' which the media covered extensively.
18:15 to 19:45MokshaPankaj ButaliaIndia84A film about the widows of Vrindavan.
20:30 to 22:10Night Feature
7 Islands and a Metro
Madhusree DuttaIndia100A tapestry that weaves fiction and non-fiction, coming, going, returning, staying, to tell a story of many Mumbais.

16 September 2009: Wednesday

TimeFilm & ProgrammeDirectorCountryDurationFilm Synopsis
10:00 to 11:45Salata Baladi: An Egyptian SaladNadia KamelEgypt105A personal multicultural history reveals the tensions and disfigurements brought about in a culture forced to accommodate the arbitrary boundaries of politics.
12:00 to 13:30Made in IndiaMadhusree DuttaIndia37The contemporary visual culture of India.
Nusrat has left the building.. But when?Farjad NabiPakistan20Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's metamorphosis from a genuine popular artiste to a mass produced exotica of the east.
Sundari: An Actor PreparesMadhusree DuttaIndia30The tale of Jayshankar Sundari, a popular female impersonator of the early 20th century becomes an exploration of feminity and performance.
14:15 to 18:00KamlabaiReena MohanIndia47A gentle, gleaming portrait of Kamlabai – the first woman to act on the Indian screen.
Language of WarR. V. RamaniIndia51A bilingual play based on the Mahabharata, on the dilemma of Arjuna Ð the rehearsals become performance.
Out of Thin AirShabani Hassanwalia & Samreen FarooquiIndia47An intimate look into the indigenous Ladakhi film industry
Peace MissionDorothee WennerGermany80'Peace Mission is a "guided tour through Nollywood", Africa's latest media hot spot, featuring Peace Aniyam-Fiberesima as main protagonist.
18:15 to 19:30My Village is Theatre My Name is HabibSudhanva Deshpande & Sanjay MaharishiIndia73A film about India's preeminent theatre director, Habib Tanvir and the rural actors of his professional company, Naya Theatre.
20:00 to 22:00Night Feature
Roshan Bayan
Amar KanwarIndia113Roshan Bayan reflects upon a history of conflict in the Indian subcontinent through experiences of sexual violence.

 17 September 2009: Thursday

TimeFilm & ProgrammeDirectorCountryDurationFilm Synopsis
10:00 to 11:300View from a Grain of SandMeena NanjiUSA84Three Afghan women try to rebuild their lives in Afghanistan's 'new era' now that no one is paying attention to the woman question.
11:45 to 13:30Planeta AlemeniaDog FilmsGermany38A cinematic portrait of a woman living and working in Germany like a 'criminal', but without having committed any 'crime'.
My Migrant SoulYasmine KabirBangladesh34Shahjahan Babu, a young migrant worker from Bangladesh sells everything and mortgages his life and arrives in Malaysia in search of work. What follows is disillusionment, despair and a tale of modern-day slavery.
Tales from the MarginKavita JoshiIndia23The grim human rights situation in Manipur and the extraordinary protests by its womenfolk for justice and peace.
Listen O' FriendsMadhusree Dutta13A musical on the fear of young girls' sexuality and trafficking.
14:15 to 18:25In the Forest Hangs a BridgeSanjay KakIndia39A film about the building of a thousand foot suspension bridge of cane and bamboo in India's north-east, an evocation of the tribal community that makes it possible, and a reflection on the strength and fragility of the idea of community.
Mahua MemoirsVinod RajaIndia83When a nation begins to grow rapidly at over 9 percent, what does this mean for 8 percent of people, the indigenous, who remain unseen and unheard?
We Homes ChapsKesang TsetenNepal53Former students of the famous 'Homes', a Himalayan orphanage-cum-boarding school, play out the powerful role of attachment at a reunion.
Listener's TaleArghya BasuIndia74A journey into the ever-changing canvas, witnessing fact and fiction dissolve in the dialogue between artist as medium and common man as spectator.
18:40 to 20:10Coding CultureGautam SontiIndia92A series of three films ethnographic films that observe the diverse work cultures in Bangalore's software outsourcing industry.
20:30 to 22:00Night Feature
Sourav SarangiIndia88The story of a little boy Bilal, growing up with blind parents.

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