Section: Celebrating Margins


Celebrating Margins weaves tales of struggle of opposites, incidences of an inevitable pitting of the traditional against the modern, the individual versus the nation, often resulting in an ultimate fight of man versus man. Sandwiched in the middle of not only a political but also an emotional turmoil, celebrating margins pays an ode to the indomitable human spirit, raising questions about what it means to be free.

This section also expands the notion of freedom to free speech and the repercussions of a clampdown on this human right.

In a celebrated production of Best of Kolkata Campus, Hamletmachine – Heiner Muller’s slim text undergoes a geographical shift and vacillates between movements, activist aspiration and dangerous dreams….

This section concludes with the narratives of individual poetical voices taking on a journey to understand the past and the present in Amar Kanwar’s A Night of Prophecy and his films on Burma.

IIC Auditorium, Wednesday, 30 April 2008

9:00 – 11:50

BUSHMAN’S SECRET / Rehad Desai / 65 min / 2006 / South Africa
One cactus stands between hope and hunger – Hoodia, a cactus used by Bushmen for centuries, has caught the attention of a giant pharmaceutical company.

HOLIDAY CAMP / Jennifer Lyons-Reid & Carl Kuddell / 47 min / 2002 / Australia
Investigates the current Australian immigration policies in the context of 200 years of colonization.

FROM DUST / Dhruv Dhawan / 56 min / 2005 / UAE
The untold story of a ‘100 metre rule’ after the Tsunami.

12:10 – 13:50

NARROW IS THE GATE / Katarina Uibo / 65 min / 2002 / Estonia
Sister Teodora, the 86 year-old gatekeeper of the Granica convent, an isolated Serbian enclave in post-war Kosovo, balances her hostility to Albanians and her religious calling to love them.

MY MIGRANT SOUL / Yasmine Kabir / 34 min / 2000 / Bangladesh
A young migrant worker from Bangladesh left for Malaysia in search of work, only to experience disillusionment, misery and frustration.

14:20 – 17:50

SHIT / Amudhan R. P. / 25 min / 2003 / India
A day in the life of Mariammal, a woman sanitary worker, who cleans the shit from a lane in Madurai.

TALES FROM THE MARGINS / Kavita Joshi / 23 min / 2006 / India
The grim human rights situation in Manipur and the extraordinary protests by its womenfolk for justice and peace.

TEMPORARY LOSS OF CONSCIOUSNESS / Monica Bhasin / 35 min / 2005 / India
An exploration of the boundaries of internal and external spaces of people in exile.

WAITING … / Shabnam Ara & Atul Gupta / 39 min / 2005 / India
On women and children surviving amongst conflict in war-torn Kashmir.

A CERTAIN LIBERATION / Yasmine Kabir / 38 min / 2003 / Bangladesh
Gurudasi had lost her entire family during the Liberation war 30 years ago. But through her indomitable presence today, she has kept alive the spirit of the Liberation War.

SOMEWHERE IN MAY / Amar Kanwar / 37 min / 2005 / India
17th of May in 2004, the Norwegians celebrate their National Day. The same day, the Burmese military dictatorship begins a sham National Convention for Democracy in Burma. The ‘Democratic Voice of Burma’, a small radio station in Oslo, reports on this sham convention, secretly heard by thousands within Burma.

18:20 – 19:20

HAMLETMACHINE – A play by Best of Kolkata Campus

19:25 – 20:45

A NIGHT OF PROPHECY / Amar Kanwar / 77 min / 2002 / India
A film about poetry and witnessing the passage of time. Through poetry emerges the possibility of understanding the past, the severity of conflict and the cycles of change.

20:47 – 21:05

FILMS ON BURMA / Amar Kanwar

* Programme subject to last minute changes

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