Section: Identities


A Womb Of One’s Own

A pregnant woman who is not a ‘surrogate’ mother is about to give birth for her close friends, a male couple. All three of them are co-parents to the child. The biological mother shares candidly the struggle she faces at every level from the state and society so that she can have her right over her own body in order to live life on her own terms, terms which seem to outrage the gatekeepers of collective morality.

Director: Gun Holstrom
Finland, 1999, 13 min
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Body: A Women’s Definition

This film struggles with the rigorous and sometimes self contradictory discipline of women’s bodybuilding. The film follows eight lesbian bodybuilders from their home gyms to the Gay Games of 1998 in Amsterdam. In their own voices the women explore the issue of masculinity, feminity, body image and self empowerment. With its San Francisco backdrops, ‘Body’ is unmistakably an inside view of weight rooms across the country, and a close look at Amsterdam and the Gay Games most popular sport. Bodybuilding isn’t just a vanity sport for these women; it is a means by which they have dramatically transformed their lives. But they must also deal with a certain stigma. Bulging biceps do not necessarily go with a dress, nor do butch buzz cuts go with skimpy bikinis. Honest personal accounts examine these women’s passion and drive for making their bodies powerful works of art.

Director: Sharon Pellerin
USA, 2002, 41 min
Producer: SP Productions LLC
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Gender Trouble

In this sensitive, thought-provoking and moving experimental documentary, four inter-sex women tell their stories with eloquence and candour. Set against beautiful backgrounds of organically transforming family photographs, orchids and topiary gardens, Melissa, Mary, Barbara and Sara speak about hemaphrodism, surgery, gender and identity. This film questions how medicine and society have treated the inter-sexed, and breaks the codes of silence and secrecy that have surrounded their lives.

Director: Roz Mortimer
UK, 2002, 24 min
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A film about a man born in a woman’s body.

Director: Ilpoh Pohjola
Finland, 1993, 15 min
Producer: Crystal Eye Ltd.
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Tedhi Lakir

The Crooked Line

‘Tedhi Lakir’ is a film about two men. These are the kind of men that one would catch a glimpse of on buses, in market places, or at the dhaba next to your house. Two very ordinary men, two extraordinary tales.

Director: Amit Sharma, Aparna Sanyal, Anurima
India, 2002, 21 min
Producer: MCRC, Jamia Milia Islamia University
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All films in this section courtesy LARZISH, 1st International Film Festival of Sexuality, Gender and Plurality – India.

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