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Refractions provides diverse ways of viewing, not only of a film text but also the lived experiences of everyday life. It traverses a vast spectrum of human landscape striving for different styles of existence, acknowledging the differences of experience in constructing innovations to fight the juggernaut of homogenization. It also holds a trajectory of films that attempt to construct an emblem, by piecing together words, memories and dialogues with history.

From novels to poetry to films, words have found a different presence. But how do words lend themselves to the cinematic imagination of animated films? Refractions also looks at the world of animations in their attempts to break away from the formal aspects of cinema, creating a new world of imagination, that perhaps provides a different view of the lived world. Noted graphic designer Orijit Sen has curated this section.

IIC Auditorium, Tuesday, 29 April 2008

9:00 – 11:25

STORY TELLERS / Prasanth Kumar R. and Daya J. / 25 min / 2006 / India
Challenges in the life of a shadow puppeteer and his art.

HOT OFF THE PRESS / Bishakha Dutta / 31 min / 2004 / India
‘Khabar Lahariya’, published every fortnight from a small town in Uttar Pradesh’s Chitrakoot district, covers all the news that mainstream media forgot.

IN THE FOREST HANGS A BRIDGE / Sanjay Kak / 40 min / 1999 / India
The indigenous Adi tribe in Arunachal, north-east India, gathers to build a 1000 ft long bridge of cane and bamboo.

PRETTY DYANA / Boris Mitic / 45 min / 2003 / Serbia
Gypsy refugees in a Belgrade suburb make a living by transforming Citroen’s classic 2CV and Dyana cars into Mad Max-like recycling vehicles. But the police doesn’t always find these strange vehicles funny.…

11:50 – 13:30

PORTRAIT OF SAKHI / Karenza Bowen / 8 min / 2003 / Australia
Journey of an asylum seeker, an Afghani artist who was forced to flee his home to escape the Taliban.

MONSOON CLOUD / M. S. Prakash Babu / 13 min / 2005 / India
A surreal look into the a few hours in an old man’s life as he encounters a series of situations and emotions.

HOPE DIES LAST IN WAR / Supriyo Sen / 80 min / 2007 / India
Struggle of the families of the prisoners of the 1971 Indo-Pak war to get their loved ones back.

14:30 – 17:40

NUSRAT HAS LEFT THE BUILDING, BUT WHEN? / Farjad Nabi / 25 min / Pakistan
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s metamorphosis from a genuine popular artiste to a mass produced exotica of the east.

PLANETA ALEMANIA / Dogfilm & Companeros / 38 min / 1999 / Germany
A cinematic portrait of a woman living and working in Germany like a “criminal”, but without having committed any “crime”.

SCRIBBLES ON AKKA / Madhusree Dutta / 57 min / 2000 / India
A musical documentary on the 12th century saint-poet Mahadevi Akka.

WORD WITHIN THE WORD / Rajula Shah / 76 min / 2007 / India
Seeks to comprehend and expand upon the spirit of Bhakti Movement, comprising of mystic poets like Kabir, Gorakhnath and others, blooming from within the ‘wretched of the earth’ and coming to form cogent dialogues across socio-philosophic fractures in an ancient landscape ravaged by history.



IIC Conference Room 1, Tuesday, 29 April 2008

9:00 – 11:00

MY LAND MY LIFE / Rehad Desai / 52 min / 2002 / South Africa
The complexities of a fast changing political landscape in Zimbabwe.

AUTUMN’S FINAL COUNTRY / Sonia Jabbar / 66 min / 2003 / India
Four women speak about the circumstances leading to their rootlessness, revealing an intimate dimension of the Kashmir conflict.

11:30 – 13:30

WAY BACK HOME / Supriyo Sen / 120 min / 2003 / India
A family’s journey back to their homeland in Bangladesh after more than fifty years.

14:30 – 16:10

RIGHT TO INFORMATION / Anurag Singh / 33 min / 1999 / India
Battle of common people against corruption in rural India.

INVISIBLE / Roz Mortimer / 63 min / 2006 / UK
When scientists tested breast milk from Inuit mothers, they were shocked to find the milk loaded with chemicals migrating from the south.

IIC Conference Room 1, Wednesday, 30 April 2008

14:30 – 16:02

CODING CULTURE / Gautam Sonti / 92 min / 2006 / India
A series of three films that explores the diverse cultures of work in Bangalore’s software outsourcing industry.

* Programme subject to last minute change

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