Seeds of Well Being



English (subtitled) / Telugu, 56 min, 1998

‘Seeds of Well Being’ examines the relationship between health and people’s access to livelihood systems like land, water and forests. The film is based in the forest areas of the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, inhabited by tribal communities. An innovative health training programme involving the local community, with a stress on reproductive health, was initiated in this region by the local tribal forum, with help from a few NGOs. Going through the process of health training, the film examines issues like patriarchy, access to natural resources, change in cropping patterns, markets and their combined effects on the health of the community. The film underlines that  health is not only about illnesses and services, but is closely interlinked with larger issues that affect people’s lives.

Producer: Magic Lantern Foundation / Direction, Camera & Editing: Ranjan De

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