The Films: Fountain Lawns

PR09PosterA Festival of Contemporary Political Films

Organised by
Magic Lantern Foundation & India International Centre

April 17, 18 and 19, 2009
Entry Free

Venue: India International Centre, 40 Max Mueller Marg, Lodhi Estate,
New Delhi 110003

Fountain Lawn

17th April, 2009 | 20:30:00

View From A Grain Of Sand

Director: Meena Nanji
82 min, 2006, USA

VFAGOS‘View From a Grain of Sand’ is a journey through the last 30 years of Afghanistan’s history as lived by three Afghan women. Shot over the last three years in Pakistan and Afghanistan, a doctor, teacher and social activist tell how their lives were violently affected by wars of international making and three different regimes in Afghanistan. Yet through all their loss, and the destruction of their homes and country, these women have endured. With courage, conviction and hope they continue to work on improving the lives of the people around them, against all odds, in this brutalised and divided nation.

18th April, 2009 | 20:30:00

Nusrat Has Left The Building … But When?

Director: Farjad Nabi
20 min, 1997, INDIA

NusratThis is a film made about the metamorphic career of the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the famous sufi qawwali singer from Pakistan. The film departs from the popular version of Nusrat and goes back to his early roots in pure sufi music, before and after he exploded on the international scene. Nusrat’s metamorphosis from a genuine popular artiste to a mass produced exotica of the east, left behind many disillusioned listeners and devotees in its wake. Perhaps for the first time this film gives voice to the other side of the song.

18th April, 2009 | 20:50:00


On The Road With The Red God
Director: Kesang Tseten
52 min, 2005, NEPAL

machhendanathEvery 12 years, impassioned devotees pull a 65-feet tall, unwieldy chariot in the Kathmandu Valley; its rider an enigmatic God worshipped by Hindus and Buddhists. The one month long journey is circumscribed by endless rituals and animal sacrifice. The enterprise calls for extreme cooperation and rigorous observance of ritual in the building, sanctification and pulling of the chariot. But the journey is an arena of gritty reality, where conflict or solidarity can prevail. So every 12 years, the same question is asked: will the journey succeed?

18th April, 2009 | 21:42:00

My Migrant Soul

Porobashi Mon Amar
Director: Yasmine Kabir
34 min, 2000, BANGLADESH

MyMigrantSoul‘My Migrant Soul’ is the story of Shahjahan Babu, a young migrant worker from Bangladesh who left for Malaysia in search of work. Having sold only piece of property – and virtually mortgaging his life – the young man arrives in the host country to experience only disillusionment, misery and frustration. The film ends with tragic consequences for the protagonist of the film. ‘My Migrant Soul’ highlights the plight of the migrant worker in these times, and uses the story of one person to illustrate those of countless others who have suffered at the hands of those who have stood to profit from bartering lives.

19th April, 2009 | 20:30:00

Akasa Kusum

Flowers Of The Sky
Director: Prasanna Vithanage
90 min, 2008, SRI LANKA

akasa-kusumFaded film star Sandhya Rani (Malani Fonseka) unexpectedly sees her profile rise again when she is embroiled in controversy. As a media-crazy nation draws her into its net, she is confronted with a changed, compromised industry – more commercialized, media savvy and value-less. As she faces her new found fame, Sandhya comes to confront her darkest demons – and also herself…

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