The Immoral Daughters in the Land of Honour


Izzatnagari ki Asabhya Betiyan

English and Hindi (with English subtitles), 93 min, 2011

The film traverses the violent landscape of ‘honour’ crimes, gender and caste discrimination in Haryana to tell the tale of a unique resistance. ‘Asabhaya Betiyaan’ (Immoral Daughters) from the Jat community are taking on the powerful, male and upper caste dominated community courts or the ‘Khap Panchayats’. The film follows few such women, urban and rural, who continue to struggle for dignity and voice in the face of extreme and severe threats. The powers of the ‘Khaps’, drawn from communitarian blood links, are absolute and negate all norms of social justice and renders the administration and the police ineffective or worse, at the service of the ‘Khaps’. Inter-cutting extensive and rare footage of the ‘Khaps’ with chilling stories from the relatives of their victims and their resistance, the film inverses victimhood into that of agency.

Producer: News Click, Magic Lantern Foundation / Direction: Nakul Singh Sawhney / Camera: Deval Samanta  / Editing: Neetu Singh  / Sound: Vinit D’souza

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