The (T)Error of POTA


English (subtitled), 105 min, 2005

POTA, a legislation made  ostensibly to curb ‘terrorism’, has taken its toll on thousands of innocent people who have been wrongfully booked  under this Act. A public tribunal was organised in Delhi in  March 2004 by several groups from all across the country to  highlight the gross misuse of POTA. Victims ranging from  eminent political leaders, activists to innocent children  from several states of India deposed at the tribunal. This  film is a documentation of the public tribunal that called  for an end to this draconian law.

Producer: Human Rights Law Network / Direction: Gargi Sen, Ranjan De & Neha Mittal / Camera: Ranjan De, Sudhir Aggarwal / Editing: Ranjan De, Neha Mittal / Sound: Girija Shankar

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