Under the Weather


English (subtitled), 23 min, 2011

In villages across India, climate change is real and palpable. Over the last few decades, the weather is changing and so is a way of life. The changing climate affects not only livelihoods but cultures of entire communities. Climate change is being witnessed across India. The coastal areas of Tamil Nadu have become vulnerable to floods and heavy storms, while in Rajasthan drop in rainfall is drying out the soil consequently increasing the desert cover. In West Bengal, while the temperature has been rising over the years, sudden bouts of heavy rainfall are leading to more landslides. Farmers of Madhya Pradesh have stopped predicting rainfall using their traditional ways because of the unpredictable pattern of rainfall. The film visits these regions to assess the measures being taken by the government and local communities to cope with climate change.

Producer: Magic Lantern Foundation / Camera: Sunayana Singh / Editing: Priyanka Chhabra, Stefan Czimmek / Sound: Sushmit Nath, Girja Shanker Vohra / Commissioned by GIZ, Germany

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